Tuesday, February 15, 2011



dear Allah..thank you for shining up  my life with your  mercy .
felt litle bit bored today even though my "apak tiri" already bank in the  money.. 
but i was lucky  to have a "good friend" who always beside me no matter happen..

when moving to 20 years old , i learn how to be mature  and thorouh in every decision..no more childish attitude..i tried to be patience in facing  problems..and i throw away all my "bodoh2 n longkang2 words"*actually i use that longkang n bodoh2 words to those who have "mulut longkang" n dont know how to respect the others..

to my dearest mr teddy besar ,  im not a perfect girl but i promise to be the best..thanks coz being my "  loyal fren"..

"its already 3 years 9 months 4 weeks..ya Allah , blessed our realtionship with your goodness and guide us to your path..amin"

"pleaz ignore my silly english kays..hehe"